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Zipping 'n Dripping Adventure Details

What to Bring:

Knee length shorts or long pants.
Closed-toed, covered and secured shoes REQUIRED.
Wear a swimsuit beneath your clothes. 
Bring a towel, sunscreen, and bug repellant.
Hair ties to secure long hair.

We Provide:


Depending on group size, about 30 minutes to 1 hour for outfitting, briefing, tour, three ''Zips'' and creek dip.
Additional ''zips'' on about 10 minute intervals

15 minutes prior to tour

Tour Times:

By appointment only
Saturday and Sunday

We welcome those aged sixteen (16) and above and those weighing between 80-210 pounds. Must have good knees, hips & back. Not recommended for those uncomfortable with heights.
Parents must sign waivers for minors under age 18.
B & B guests only.

What to bring:
Knee length shorts or long pants. Closed toed, secure covered shoes such as tennis shoes or hiking boots. No water shoes.

Tour Size:
Maximum of 4 guests with 2 guides.

Food and Drink:

Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice required.


Unless weather prohibits, at the discretion of the guide, tours go out rain or shine.

Hays County
The complete online guide to the Hays County area, with accommodation, real estate, business and local information.

ZIP into your Wedding, Event, or Party . . .



Outfitted with climbing harness, helmet, tethers, carabiners, and a high-speed trolley, descend into the Tex-Zen event hollow and across Sycamore creek on this new and exhilarating Dripping Springs original ''Zipping 'n Dripping'' experience. Soar over lily ponds, creek and bridge, and enjoy a spectacular view while flying over the Hollow! An exclusive zipping experience on private land that is not open to the public. A 30 minute to one-hour hill country adventure will take you into a scenic and serene creek valley as you zip down a hillside into the Sycamore creek watershed, take a quick dip in the seasonal creek, snack and relax at the creekside gazebo.

The tour starts with a fun and informative scenic tour as you stroll to the start of the zip course. After a thorough briefing by your experienced guides, you are ready to glide and soar over rocky outcroppings, lily ponds, Sycamore creek, Tex-Zen bridge, and a hillside rich with magnificent scenery! Try to spot the hawks nest in the trees as you Zoom down the hillside sailing over 420' along the 3/8'' steel cable. Zip through the air with the greatest of ease soaring 30 feet above the ground as you go from one side of the creek to the other. End your zip with a walk through the rose garden, a snack and beverage in the creek-side gazebo, and a refreshing swim. Relax, bask in the sun, or just soak in a natural swimming pool. Take one last dip in the water before heading back up the hill! Truly an incredible, exhilarating experience! All equipment used on the Zipping 'n Dripping adventure is made from quality materials. All harnesses, carabiners, tethers, and trolleys have a minimum breaking strength of 4800 lbs. The course itself is comprised of 3/8 inch galvanized aircraft grade steel cable, tested to hold over 14,400 lbs. Participants and parents of minors will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Regular Prices:

Three ''zips'' including outfitting, briefing, scenic tour, $30.00 per person.
Additional ''zips'', $5.00 per person per trip.

Tour Times:

By appointment only - Saturdays and Sundays
Not available M thru F.

512 461-0492

Zipping 'n Dripping Reservations: 512 461-0492. Available to B&B guests only.

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Current Creek Status: FLOWING

After we took a zipline adventure tour while on vacation in Dec. 2004, we (Jeff) just had to figure out a way to get one down our hillside into the Tex-Zen event hollow. Well, with other priorities completed and some others set aside, the zipline is now a reality. Here's how it all came together . . .

The first thing was to scope out suitable take-off and landing sites, and a path either over or through the tall oaks and elms alongside the creek. Without much hillside elevation on one side of the creek, we couldn't go over the trees - we had to either cut a path through them or use a narrow natural gap between some elm trees - right over the lily ponds and right over the bridge crossing the creek. Once determined, we cleared a few cedars and a couple or three oak branches for a path down the hillside. The distance from the take-off site to the landing site is about 420ft. The vertical drop is probably about 30ft.

Downhill view from take-off site
Downhill view from take-off site

We acquired a couple of salvaged electric poles and some heavy duty hardware with much appreciation from our friends at the electric co-op. At the co-op yard we cut the 40ft poles to 20ft and managed to get them loaded onto our utility trailer and back to the ranch.
We purchased the high-strength aircraft cable from an internet website and it was delivered within a week.
Then we started digging holes with a 12'' tractor-mounted auger for the poles and a 9'' auger for the guy-line anchors. But drilling with these augers was impossible in the rock at our chosen sites!

20ft poles on trailer
Two of the 20ft poles

After a number of attemps at various locations around the launching and landing sites, we moved to locations further up the hill on both sides. We finally succeeded in digging 3 1/2 - 4 ft deep holes in the rocky ground. We dragged the poles off the trailer, down the hillside, and rolled the bottom of the poles over the holes.

Guy-cable anchor
Guy-cable anchor

With the front-end loader on the tractor and a chain wrapped loosely around near the top of the poles, we picked the top of the poles up, then pushed them over until uprighted enough to drop into the tight-fitting holes. The tiny hole clearance was backfilled with the caliche millings from the holes, and the remainder of the fill was piled around the base of the poles. After placing the guy anchors as shown in the above photo, the guy-anchor holes were backfilled with concrete. A week later when the concrete had cured, the above-ground part of the anchors was bent over towards the poles.

Uprighting the big upper pole
Uprighting the big upper pole

The pole locations ended up being about 170ft farther apart than planned - 30ft further away on the landing side and about 140ft further up the hill on the launching side. This put the poles at about 540ft apart - 40ft further than the length of the 3/8" cable. Because we didn't have a longer cable, we finally succeeded in re-digging at the original planned take-off site, making the zipline length about 400ft. However, testing revealed that the landing speed was a little too fast, so we relocated the landing site yet another 20ft up the hill, making the final zipline length at about 420ft.

Uphill view of path from landing site
Uphill view of path from landing site

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