Tex-Zen DreamSeeds

Personalized 3" X 4" Packet Labels

You provide photo, graphics or text for packet front.

Event Special - $2.50 ea.

Wild Bird Feed Mix

Single-count packet: approx. 12ml/pkt

Seed Packet FrontSeed Packet Back

Jeff & Loretta,

  Thank you so much for your assistance and a fine product. The Seed Packets are a unique memento.

Thank you again,

LaQuita & Brian


Single-count packet: approx. 60 seeds/pkt

Seed Packet FrontSeed Packet Back

Dear Loretta,

  THANK YOU a million times over!! I can't believe how well they turned out - I'm so thrilled with them. Gary is also highly impressed with the seed packets - in fact, he was speechless when he first saw them. Thanks once again for all your help and support. I really appreciate everything.

Kind regards,


Texas Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis)

Double-count packet: approx. 240 seeds/pkt

Seed Packet FrontSeed Packet Back

Cover Flap Style:

DreamSeeds Packet B3

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