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Love, soft as an easy chair.
Love, fresh as the morning air.
One, love that is shared by two,
I have found, with you.

Like a rose, under the April snow,
I, was always certain love would grow.
Love, ageless and evergreen,
Seldom seen by two.

You and I, will make each, night a first.
Every day, a beginning.
Spirits rise, and their dance, is unrehearsed.
They warm and excite us,
Cause we have the brightest, love.

Two, lights that shine as one.
Morning glory, and the midnight sun.
Time, we've learned to sail above,
Time, won't change the meaning of,
One love, ageless and ever, Evergreen.

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Here is a unique gift item to offer your guests. DreamsSeeds are customized seed envelopes personalized with your photograph, poem, or message, and filled with a handfull of either Texas Bluebonnet, Sunflower, Safflower, or even bird feed for tossing in place of the traditional rice throw. Provide your guests with a souvenir keepsake of your event, and real, high-quality Texas Bluebonnet seeds that each guest may either throw or take home to sow in their own garden. We host weddings on our ranch - Please help us maintain the natural wildflower beauty of the grounds by not littering the grounds with rice nor introducing unnatural and unwanted grass seed, which we do offer for off-site use. We also offer various wildflower mixes, however, we urge that these mixes are used only for keepsake or planting purposes. Because the seeds in wildflower mixes are either very tiny or light, we do not recommend that wildflower seeds be used for throwing.

May All Your Dreams Be "Wild and Flowerful"

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Seed Packet Display

Lupinus texensis (Fabaceae)Seed Packet Display

A hardy winter annual native to Texas. Adopted as the "State Flower of Texas", this is the most commonly seen variety along roadsides and in uncultivated pastures throughout the state. Flowers are densely arranged on a spike with a characteristic ice-white terminal tip. Bluebonnets cannot tolerate poorly drained, clay based soils. Seed planted in poorly drained soils will germinate, but plants will never fully develop. Seedlings will become either stunted or turn yellow and soon die. Prefers a sloped area in light to gravelly, well­drained soil. Requires full sun.

Suggested Use: Raised flower beds, half wooden barrels, hanging baskets, mixtures, hillsides, roadsides and meadows.
Miscellaneous: Easy to grow from seed providing you do not have an overabundance of rainfall and plant in well­drained soils.

Average Planting Success: 60%
Height: 1---2 feet
Germination: 15---75 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 55°F--­70°F
Sowing Depth: 1/8"
Blooming Period: March­--May
Seeds/Pkt: 240
1 oz Covers: 78 sq.ft.

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